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Presentation guidelines

We would like to thank you for accepting to participate in the Nordic Biobank Conference 2022 in Gothenburg. The following is some information to help you prepare your contribution.

We wish you good luck and thank you again for your cooperation! If you have questions after reading these guidelines, feel free to contact Wahida Sarwari, wahida.sarwari@vgregion.se

Oral presentation instructions

Please check the program for your finalized presentation time and note that your allocated time includes both the presentation and Q&A.

To ensure a smooth progression during the sessions, we kindly ask presenting speakers to consider the following:

The time slot for each type of presentation is:

  • Keynote speakers: 40 minutes (30 min. presentation and 10 min. Q&A)
  • Invited speakers: see schedule for your section. This is either 30 minutes (20 min. presentation and 10 min. Q&A) or 25 minutes (20 min. presentation and 5 min. Q&A)
  • Invited speakers in Symposium 2a – Sample quality: 20 minutes presentation and panel discussion at the end of session.
  • Oral abstract presenters – regular: 15 minutes (10 min. presentation and 5 min. discussion)
  • Oral abstract presenters in Symposium 2a – Sample quality: 10 minutes presentation and panel discussion at the end of session.
  • Workshops: Check with your workshop organizer for confirmation of timing.

Session chairs have been instructed to rigorously enforce the schedule, and to strictly limit the length of a presentation. We kindly ask for your understanding and cooperation in keeping to the schedule.

Please be at the room of your session 15 minutes before session start, in order to meet your session chairs and the other speakers in advance. Also, please make sure that you are seated in front row of the hall as it will make your way to the lectern easier when it is your time to present.

Speakers Preview Room and presentations

Place: Room R9

Presenters must report to the Speaker Preview Room and submit their presentation at least 1 hour prior to their talk!

The presentation will then be sent to the correct room where a technician is available to assist and start the presentation for you. No use of personal laptops will be allowed.

Speaker Preview Room opening hours:

Wednesday 7 September, 07:30-17:00
Thursday 8 September, 07:30-14:30

  • Please bring your presentations on a USB memory stick in MS-PowerPoint or Adobe PDF format to the Speaker Preview Room at least 1 hour prior to your presentation!
  • Note that there will be no presentation uploads in the conference rooms. All presentations must be uploaded in the Speaker Preview Room prior to your presentation.
  • Technicians will test-check your presentation for compatibility.
  • Please give the technicians any special instructions you may have when you are in the Speaker Preview Room, not during your lecture.

Computers and technical assistance

There will be one technician in each room and the computers will be PC. In order to avoid any problems with your presentation please make sure it is compatible and fulfils the necessary requirements to be run by the following software:

MS Office 2013 or later version (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
Windows Media Player
Adobe Acrobat Reader

Presentation format and template

The standard format of the projectors in the conference rooms is 16:9 (widescreen). The default slide size in PowerPoint 2013 is widescreen (16:9), for earlier versions of PowerPoint it might be necessary to manually change this. Change the slide size from standard (4:3) to widescreen (16:9).

However, we recommend all speakers to use our conference PowerPoint template slides while preparing your presentation. We have included a disclosure slide in the conference PowerPoint template. Please declare if you have anything to disclose, otherwise add “No Disclosures”. The template can be downloaded here.

Please note that all conference presentations will be published on the conference website after the event. If you have any objections, please contact the conference secretariat.

Poster presentation instructions

The poster area will be located in Hall F of the conference area. Poster presenting authors can display their poster during the entire conference.  Please remove your poster after the conference, no later than Thursday 8 September at 17.00. Posters remaining after that time will not be saved.

When preparing the poster, presenters should have in mind the objective of capturing the interest of attendees to the work that is being presented. Use an appropriate font size such that posters are readable by delegates from 1.5 m away.

The poster message should be clear and understandable without oral explanation. Further, poster presenters should note the following items:

  • Each poster board is marked with a poster ID-number. Please find your poster ID-number in the final Programme available as a PDF later.
  • Authors are requested to use only the boards provided for their poster.
  • Posters should be fixed to the poster board using pins which will be provided on site at the registration desk.
  • The maximum size of your poster should be 90 cm (width) x 120 cm (height), i.e portrait format (vertical).

Chairperson instructions

The function of a session chair on-site is to introduce the session and the speakers and to keep the session moving according to the prearranged schedule. This timeframe is crucial to keep the event on schedule. As a session chair, you will be responsible for leading the Q&A session at the end of each talk.

Most sessions are 90 min with 2 invited speakers and 2 oral abstract presenters. For allocated presentation time for each category of speakers, see “Oral presentation instructions” above.

Please note that all session chairs are requested to come to the session hall 15 minutes prior to the start time of their session to receive a briefing from the technician regarding set up, etc. please also make sure that your speakers are seated in the front row of the hall and will make their way to the lectern when it is their time to present. as Also be sure that the next speaker is prepared with their headset 5 mins prior to their presentation.

Before the first scheduled talk:

  • You should introduce yourself by name and affiliation.
  • Announce the title of the session.

As a session chair you are responsible for the time management of the presentations within your session hall:

  • You will be required to introduce each speaker and give the presentation title as indicated in the mobile app or program timetable.
  • Warn your speakers in advance that they will be required to keep to time. If the speaker is still speaking when the next speaker is due to start, ask them to stop and do not allow any questions.
  • Please note that you are responsible for leading Q&A discussion after each presentation. For most invited speakers the allocated time is 10 min for Q&A while for oral abstract presenters there is 5 min for Q&A. Please see the final program and oral presentation instructions for your session specifically. Also have questions prepared for each speaker, in case if there are no questions from audience.
  • If you finish before the allotted time, you may conclude the session early.

Filming and photography

Sessions may be filmed/photographed during the conference. Photos or video footage will be used for conference-related communication and the promotion of future conferences.  

Promotional toolkit

We invite you to help us spread the word about Nordic Biobank Conference 2022 and promote the conference within your personal networks.

Text and image suggestion for your social media:
Join me at the #nordicbiobank2022 September 6-8 2022 hosted by the Nordic countries. Together we’ll explore the current trends and challenges for biobanking in Nordic countries.

Register at: nbc.biobanksverige.se
#biobank #clinicalresearch #samples

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